Flamingo Fares Tampa Bay brings a new payment system to the region, simplifying transit use. It allows a rider to pay using a reloadable smart card or smartphone app, which can be used across participating transit agencies. Counties currently participating in Flamingo Fares: Hernando (TheBus), Hillsborough (HART/TECO Line Streetcar System) and Pinellas (PSTA/Jolley Trolley).

Go anywhere

Transportation doesn’t end at the county line, so why should your fare? Flamingo Fares allows for travel on public transportation between five participating Tampa Bay counties!

Simplify your travel

Say goodbye to paper tickets! Just tap your Flamingo Fares Smartcard or App on the reader, and board!

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Flamingo Fares saves you money! Your fare will automatically be capped at the daily or monthly (smartcard/mobile app) rate, no matter how much you ride.

Manage it all online

Register your Flamingo Fares account, to check your balance, reload your card, and more.

Manage multiple cards

Flamingo Fares also provides the ability to manage multiple cards via the website or app, for family members, or friends that are just like family!

Lose a card?

You can easily deactivate/reactivate a lost or stolen card via the Flamingo Fares website or app.

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